Dutch Bucket Aquaponics – External Bell Siphon

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This is an Aquaponics System where the fish tank is above the grow beds. The pump is placed in a sump. Cash didn’t start out that way but as he improved his system it turned out that way. I was intrigued by his external bell siphon. No need for a gravel guard and no space lost in the grow beds. Cash eventually builds a TexasPrepper style greenhouse around his system.

System has been reconfigured to a CHOP mod 2 type system (CHIFT PIST) this was necessary because I need protection that the water in the fish tank would not drain to the ground.

Two new troughs have been added to provide Deep Water Culture to my system. This adds approximately 30 gallons of capacity and places for approximately 64 plants in 2″ net pots on two styrofoam rafts. The troughs are made from under bed storage containers.

Aquaponic greenhouse 12ft deep x 8ft wide x 8ft high constructed of wood, cow fence wire and 6 mil plastic film.


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